High - Tech Skills for Industry
Fostering New Service Growth and Jobs Creation. Service contract for the European Commission carried out by empirica, ISSIP and PwC

Our goal

Analyse policies, educational and private sector efforts for high-tech skills and the creation of new services and jobs

Develop a shared vision for service science skills and jobs in Europe

Inform European policy making on ways to significantly improve the availability of high-tech services skills in the workforce by 2030

Research reports will be out in Sep 2020 and Sep 2021 (final report)


Identification, documentation and promotion of emerging & best practice Extensive stakeholder involvement

Forward vision and long-term agenda (2030) and action proposals

Promotion of new services and jobs

Events and activities for experts to get involved

Six workshops in different online, European and US locations (from March 2020 to June 2021)

Two online surveys (March 2020, March 2021)

  • High level, international conference in Brussels (October 2021)
  • Regular and ad-hoc online exchange in online group-space

We welcome expert involvement

  • Researchers, practitioners and other experts in service science, smart services, service engineering etc.
  • Academics, practitioners and other experts especially interested in the future of (higher) education and the future of work

To get involved or be informed about progress, please get in touch via eskills2030 at empirica dot com.

Our consortium

 empirica Gesellschaft für Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung mbH 

 ISSIP – The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals

 PwC Luxembourg