New services have been disrupting the business, work and skills landscape throught the last two decades, gaining an unprecedented pace during the COVID crisis.

This  service contract for the European Commission aims to collect, analyse and compare those initiatives in the realm of service science skills, and to develop a vision of how to foster and scale the creation of these skills in Europe.

The activities aim to mobilise a large number of stakeholders and Member States contributing to the field of service innovation skills to facilitate the use of digital and advanced technologies by European enterprises, especially SMEs and start-ups, in developing new and smart services, which create and require new jobs and require up-skilling of workers in existing ones. This challenges has become even more urgent through the disruptions of the pandemic.

The results will inform policy-makers, business and social leaders regarding more effective policies, partnerships, funding programmes and incentives to increase the service innovation talent pool, employment and the competitiveness of the European economy and to contribute to the further evolution and improvement of European and national initiatives on high-tech skills.